Pedigree Longhorn Beef Cattle

The Wheatlands herd of pedigree Longhorns was established in 2006 by myself, Tom Mills. The herd is based in the heart of the Peak District on my parent's farm in Baslow, Derbyshire.

Following graduation from Loughborough University in 2006 I was keen to continue my family's farming tradition and decided to set-up a small herd of Longhorns as a sideline to my full time job as a Civil Engineer.

I started by buying a small number of cows privately and from society sales with breeding coming from the Carreg, Bejon & Milton herds. From these cows I started to breed my own stock under the 'Mullard' herd prefix. In 2011 the herd was re-born under the 'Wheatlands' prefix and is now growing from strength to strength.

My aim is to breed a herd of high genetic merit combining the typical characters of the breed; docility, calving ease & longevity with conformation for the modern market. I am currently using A.I to provide a wider source of bloodlines to my young herd. The use of A.I also allows me to match the characteristics from the best bulls to the right cows. Currently semen from Fishwick Kinsman, Llantrothy Kestrel & Rousham Goliath is being used in the Herd. These bulls will hopefully lay the strong foundations for the future.

Contact Tom Mills on 07968 819134

Bubnell Cliff Farm | Baslow | Derbyshire

Showing Success
In recent years I have begun showing my cattle at various local & county shows with the following successes:

Mullard Juggernaut
1st Junior Bull Staffordshire County Show 2010
Carreg Gemima
1st Senior Heifer Derbyshire County Show 2008
1st Cow Derbyshire County Show 2009
1st Cow & res. Breed Champion Hope show 2010
Mullard Jaya
2nd Junior Heifer Hope Show 2010
2nd Senior Heifer Derbyshire County Show 2011
2nd Senior Heifer Hope Show 2011

Meat Boxes

Some of my cattle are better suited to the dining table than for breeding.
Longhorn beef is renowned for its fantastic taste, tenderness and marbling.
Cattle selected for meat are reared slowly on grass for between 26 - 30 months, this gives the meat time to mature naturally.
All the carcasses are hung for 3-4 weeks to develop the flavour and tenderness.
The beef is sold in boxes containing a selection of different joints, steaks, stewing meat & mince.
All the meat is fully labeled and vacuum packed to retain maximum freshness.
The boxes are approximately 10kg in weight and cost 9.50/kg.
If required, a smaller box can be put together or specific requirements catered for so please ask.
An average of 5 animals a year are slaughtered so if you would like to try a box then please contact me, and I will add you to the contact list.

Pedigree Sales

If you are looking for pedigree breeding females or bulls please contact me to see what is available.